Retail Displays, Point of Purchase, Point of Sale, Impulse Displays, Stackers, Racks, Gondola Units, Product Design, Extrusions, Installations, Shop Fittings, Marketing and Events.

Our boards are better

We still see hundreds of branded card displays looking tired and curled up, doing their best to entice the next impulse sale. Reality is; people don’t value your product if the display looks cheap and saggy.

We're here for you America

It would be an understatement to say that we are thrilled by the support coming from our partners in the USA!

We continue to invest in best practice sustainability programs.

Ask us about how we can provide sustainable solutions for your POP and fixtures.

Introducing the Kurve Pitcher

Perfect for tap beer and soft drink, and can be your greatest communication tool, available in
3 different sizes.

Installation expertise and
project timing is undervalued
in Retail Marketing

Here’s what we do to make it simple for our customers.

We’ve been designing and producing custom draught beer products for over 20 years.

From tap badges to beer jugs, branded merch to mobile bars, we can do it all.

Did you know that Dot has an office in Los Angeles?

Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your business.

What We Do

We build relationships, and really great branded products too. With over 20 years' experience, we have partnered with clients in every FMCG market.

Dot Design Group are recognised for delivering innovative and engaging branded visibility for customers globally. We handle all design & ideation, engineering & production through to delivery, plus installation.
We are a globally awarded business, and a dedicated partner for innovation when it’s most needed.

Displays & Racks

  • Point of Purchase
  • Point of Sale
  • Branded Display Enhancers
  • Retail & Impulse
  • Free Standing Units
  • Branded Fabric Frames
  • Product Tables
  • Counter Units
  • Temporary/Cardboards
  • Permanent Units
  • Pallet Displays

Shopper Product & Activations

  • Shelf Strips
  • Extrusions
  • DIgital Shelf Pricing
  • Retail Brand Events
  • Shelf Ready Packaging
  • Tear Away Packaging
  • Installations & Merchandising
  • Pop-Up Executions
  • Custom Signage
  • Neon Signs
  • Dump Bins
  • Pallet Wrapping
  • Cooler & Refrigerator Dressing
  • Timbers & Basket Units

Design Services

  • Industrial Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Ideation & Blue Sky Sketching
  • Visual  & Architectural Scoping
  • Conceptual Design & Rendering
  • Product Design & Development
  • Cardboard Engineering
  • Packaging
  • Product Development
  • Custom Extrusion & Supply
  • Bespoke Brand Merch Suites

Draught Beer & Beverage

  • Draught Tap / Badges
  • Draught Tap Handles
  • Beer Badge Brackets
  • Tap Decals & Lenses
  • Draught Fitting Kits
  • Beer Font Design
  • Digital Beer Badges
  • Custom Draught Execution
  • Mobile Bars
  • Electric Mobile Bars
  • Tap Wobblers
  • Beverage Branded Merch
  • On & Off Premise Products

Manufacturing & Delivery

  • White Space Innovation
  • Patents & Brand Domination
  • Local & Offshore Manufacturing
  • Gift With Purchase Products
  • Sourcing & Premiums
  • Kit Packing Services
  • Product Development
  • Cardboard Engineering
  • CNC, Casting & Extrusion
  • Blow and Roto Moulding
  • Vac Forming & Extrusion
  • Timber & Metal Fabrication

About Us


Dot Design celebrated 20 years of business this year and we’ve enjoyed every single day.

Growth has happened organically at Dot and with offices opening internationally, we don’t see any signs of slowing down. As our industry evolved, we grew with it and with our design and manufacturing motivation is at an all-time high, we know you will enjoy working with us as much as we do with you.


Dot is famous for product and display quality.

Our work is second to none and whether we’re manufacturing in Australia, Asia or the USA, we always deliver on time and to budget. Brand cut through is guaranteed and we have an extensive folio to prove it. We design, manufacture and install our work in Retail, Electronics, Telco, Food & Beverage, Grocery, Petroleum and Convenience Stores. We have the experience and right team to provide a confident solution that will convert a shopper into a buyer.


We often get asked “What makes Dot Design different” and it's getting easier and easier to answer.

We think differently, we work differently and deliver a nurtured design to delivery service that is unrivalled in all our serviced markets. We are a business that works in teams versus departments and you will be looked after by one team from start to finish to ensure no details are missed and the end result looks as good, if not better than the initial design. The team at Dot are all aligned in one common goal – To deliver world class displays and products that gets you and your brand noticed. Let’s make something inspirational together.

Our Brands

To see the full brand collection click here.

The Process

The Process

Our Team

Some businesses have people, others have a team; we feel we have something even better at Dot.

Want to know what it feels like to work with us, drop us a note and get in touch. contact us

Contact Us

Getting your hands on our products is easy! Drop us a line and let us know how we can contact you and what you’re looking for help with... Or just say hi.

Dot Design has a talented team located in USA, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and China, with specialists in retail, marketing, product design and manufacturing.

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