We keep getting ‘Greener’

Finding new sustainable ways to save the earth and your budget.

Dot is always working on ways to be a more environmentally-focused business, and with so many ‘Green Wash’ offerings out there, we were finding it challenging to align our business with the best fit. So after multiple discussions, we decided to take this into our own hands, and the first step was ridding our offering of plastic.

Our cartons and shippers were already recycled board, and our pallets were re-purposed timber, however it was the plastic packaging around individual products was hardest to remove. We looked at moving to bio-degradable bags and yet, these still had a very negative impact on wildlife itself before they start to break down. Packing materials traditionally used for product shipping consist of styrene and expanded foam, however our team in China have found multiple shredded board and paper products to fill out the empty spaces in our cartons, to ensure delivery is safe and in tact when it arrives in the warehouse. We have also used recycled paper for slip sheets, dividers and wrapping individual products.

Going green usually costs more, and unfortunately plastic is cheap and very effective. However, we have managed to remove all of our plastic packaging and keep prices in line with (or sometimes better than) previously supplied, which is equally a win for our customers and important for the environment.

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