Pitcher This!

Introducing the Kurve Jug/Pitcher!

As Industrial Designers, we spend a lot of time looking at everyday products and their interactions very differently. Whether that’s in the retail, grocery, petrol & convenience or hospitality setting, we are constantly seeing newer ways to improve the design, interaction and the engagement principles for each product we re-design. (Or as we like to say… Re-invent!)

The Kurve Pitcher is a classic example of something simple being bought from the past into the present. Every benefit we designed into the Kurve Pitcher was coming from many individual’s personal need for improvement. The design provided benefits for everyone, and therein lies the secret in this products’ success internationally.

As designers, when we design our own products, we need to take into consideration the needs of all who will interact with the product and understand what it is that they need. You also need to understand the products’ environment, and how it will be handled, cleaned, branded, stored and freighted to a location. When you answer all these points, you need to make sure the design is appealing to the people who will ultimately be using the product. We think the Kurve Pitcher is a perfect example of clever design that encompasses all angles of design and interaction, which is why the world loves it as much as we do.

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